Is your Yard or Garage holding water?



The warm weather is moving in and you know what that means.  Yes, the snow and ice is



We have been receiving calls about this matter so we thought we would put an article out

concerning it.  As we have found in the past and today many yards, whether they are in

Midland, MI or around Lake Lancer in Gladwin, MI, do not have proper drainage. So when

everything starts to melt or we just receive a large amount of rain it can start to cause

problems.  For example, today someone called because water was pooling in their driveway

and causing water to enter their garage.


Now, you may not have water entering your garage, but do you have a spot in your yard that

never seems to dry out? If so, it is time to look into a drainage solution.  One solution is to

install a Trench drain that either goes on the end, sides, or in the middle of your driveway.

The trench drain will collect water and send it down a pipe somewhere else on your property.


Another great solution for water problems would be a French drain. A French drain involves using a corrugated pipe with slits in it that is placed underground surrounded by gravel and wrapped in a fabric.  This type of drain will soak in the moisture and send the water down the pipe to the output location in the yard.


These are just 2 of several resolutions that may help you with any standing water or damp areas you may have.  If you have any questions on how to do this yourself or would like for Mitten Mowing & Landscaping to come out and give you an estimate feel free to contact us.

It's Spring Time, It's Mulch Time!



Since we live in a place that receives snow for at least 3 months out of the year, mulching

every Spring is a good idea.  If you mulched your flowerbeds last year more than likely the

mulch was matted down by all snow we received during this past Winter.  Re-mulching will

also help keep those pesky weeds out of your flowerbeds.


Now, if you have decided that you need to refresh the mulch in your flowerbeds the first

you want to do is make sure any weeds that are in them are gone before installing new

mulch.  All landscapers and lawn care companies in the Mid-Michigan area have different

ways of doing this.  A great way to do-it-yourself is to buy a simple push-pull hoe.  This is an effective way to attack weeds at the roots and to cultivate the soil at the same time.  Another option would be to hand pull each weed but make sure that you are pulling the roots with it or else the weed can just grow again.


Once all the weeds are gone extra preventative measures can be taken to make sure those weeds stay out of the fresh mulch.  At Mitten Mowing & Landscaping we most often prefer to use a type of garden fabric.  This can be picked up at any hardware store but we like to use a stronger fabric that is call DeWitt Weed Barrier Pro-5.  Our reasoning is that is lasts longer so it does not have to be replaced as often as a fabric bought at any local store.  Another option would be to use a product like Preen where granules are spread throughout the flowerbed to help suppress any weeds that want to grow in the area.


Now it is time for mulch!  Once the flower beds have been prepped go ahead and apply your favorite mulch.  A typical depth of mulch should be 3-4 inches, but you can go as deep as 6 inches if you want to hold back weeds for a longer period of time and retain more water.


If you have any further questions on how to install mulch yourself or would like for us to give you an estimate on Mitten Mowing & Landscaping doing it for you feel free to contact us.


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