How Much Does Lawn Mowing Cost?

Our goal is to make our pricing simple, transparent, and affordable.

Here are the standardized prices we use for lawn mowing, based on square footage.

There are many variables that will increase or decrease the price but these are the general guidelines we use.

These prices are per mowing service on a weekly or bi-weekly (every other week) schedule.

Don't know your lawn square footage?  No problem.  Call our office and we can use our satellite imaging software to get your exact measurements.


Here are some of the variables that will affect the price.


Shape: A perfectly rectangular lawn will take a considerable amount of time less to mow in comparison to an add shaped lawn with flowerbeds and obstacles scattered throughout.


Access: Small gates into backyards keep us from using larger mowing equipment, and increases the time it takes to mow the backyard if it is fenced in.  Long driveways or addresses with limited parking for our truck and trailer setup, also increase the time it takes to perform service.  A lawn right next where the trailer parks is going to cost less.


Bagging Clippings: Our pricing above reflects us not collecting the clippings.  If you would like for us to collect the clippings it will cause the price to increase.  The reason for this is that we have to use a machine with a bagger and each time the bag fills the Team member has to go back to the truck and dump it.  Then we have to dispose of the clippings at the end of the day.


Slope: Slopes in the lawn can also keep up from being able to use larger mowing equipment, and increases the time it take to mow.


Here are some common questions we have regarding the prices for lawn mowing:


#1: "My lawn hasn't been mod for several weeks and is a bit overgrown...."

On your first mowing service, if the lawn is overgrown it can take the crew 2-3 times longer to mow the grass  This initial cut may cost extra but after the 1-2 cuts your price will fall in alignement with the standard fees.


#2: "My lawn takes 10 minutes to mow.  Why does it cost $30?"

We have minimum cost of $30 per mowing service.  Even if the lawn is 500 square feet , we still must charge $30 per service.  Trucks, trailers, insurance, fuel, and other expenses make it important for us to charge that minimum fee.  Also, our office takes time to service and account for each Client for billing, invoicing, and Customer service.


#3: "What about treatments and fertilizers?"

All of your lawn care pricing is based upon square footage.  We have packages for treatment and are more than happy to share with you the prices for those services.

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