Lawn Mowing

Mitten Mowing offers a Basic Residential Lawn Service that includes


·Mowing your grass (clippings will be mulched),

·String trimming around shrubs, trees, flowerbeds and other areas that are hard to reach with a mower.

·Edging your lawn where it meets up with walkways and driveways if needed; at no additional charge.

·Cleaning up clippings using a leaf blower to give your yard a well-groomed presentation.



Mitten Mowing is proud to present the Mid-Michigan area with All Natural Fertilization Programs powered by Dairy Doo®.  By offering this great service we can keep your property safe for you, your children, your pets and your environment.  Our exclusive fertilizer is also better for your lawn, flowers, shrubs and trees.


Why is it better?  Well, instead of the fertilizer just feeding your grass with a synthetic mixture of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium it is also feeding the soil and the roots of your grass.  In other words, our fertilizer programs are giving proper nutrients to your soil, plants and lawn. Something you are not receiving from the traditional fertilization programs you may find somewhere else.


For more information on why All Natural Dairy Doo® fertilizer programs are a benefit to you call us or go to the Dairy Doo® page.


Fall/Spring Cleanup

With every Fall/Spring Cleanup we start by removing all debris from the service area, including leaves, sticks and blown in trash that has accumulated.  (Sorry we are not a waste removal company, so cleaning up pet waste isn’t part of this process.)  We’ll haul your leaves away unless you want them left at the curb or somewhere else on your property.  If you have any natural plant bed edges we will redefine them for you as well.  Then we’ll finish off with our basic lawn service described above.  Voila!  A beautifully groomed yard ready for your seasonal activities.


Tree/Shrub Trimming

When it comes to your trees and shrubs sometimes it is best to leave the trimming to professionals and Mitten Mowing is here to help.  Whether it is an ornamental tree like a Japanese Maple, a traditional pine tree or a row of hedges we want you to have the best view possible.


Mitten Mowing will trim your trees (height restrictions apply) and/or shrubs.  Then we will collect the clippings and prepare them to be hauled away from your property.  Once the clippings are picked up we will blow off the area to make sure your yard looks great!



If you are looking to transform your yard into something you have always envisioned let us here at Mitten Mowing make that dream a reality. We can take you through anything from choosing a new mulch color to picking out and installation of new paver patios. When it comes to landscaping the possibilities are endless, let us make your yard all you have imagined.



Snow Plowing

Mitten Mowing wants your property to be taken care of year-round so we are here to snow plow your parking lot or driveway while clearing any sidewalks you may need cleared as well.


Currently, this service is only provided in select locations.


Commercial Lawn Care

Mitten Mowing is proud to be your partner in first impression management!  We all know that the curb appeal is essential for showing off your business, rental or sale properties.  A well-groomed lawn signals to your client or buyer that you pay attention to detail and have pride in your environment.  Ensure a great first impression by having Mitten Mowing take care of the lawn details so you don’t have to.


Weed Abatement

Just like our fertilizer our weed abatement method is ALL NATURAL. Our clients like this because it is safe for the environment, your family and your pets. Most companies only offer synthetic weed abatement where no one should be on the lawn for about 24 hours.


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